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New and upcomming MaxxECU STREET engine management, available in januari/februari 2017.


MaxxECU PRO wirings

Electrical wirings for MaxxECU PRO now updated on our website!

MaxxECU PRO unit only
MaxxECU PRO unit only
2 196$
Not available
In stock
MaxxECU PRO REV9+ Wirings
Manual Update
Manual uppdatering

Summer vaccation

Juli 18 to August 1 we are cloosed for summer vaccation.
Limited e-mail support during this period.
Summer vaccation!

Closed for holidays 23 dec - 11 jan

Closed for holidays and will open again on januari 11 2016.
(30 of december we will keep open for deliveries).
We would like to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Mvh Maxxtuning AB

MTune 1.96 for download

Error reading Changelog, please report!
Download (pc-software)
MaxxECU MTune
Download (pc-software)

XYZ bromsar campain

15% discount on XYZ brake kits during october!
15% XYZ Discount

MDash Manual update

Manual Update
Manual uppdatering

MTune 1.84 for download

MaxxECU price increase

Since the start of MaxxECU production, the dollar exchange rate which controls component prices have increased, therefore we needed to raise the price of the MaxxECU unit with 500SEK (aprox 60USD) to cover up the increased production cost.

MaxxECU V1 engine management flying lead kit
1 483$
Out of stock(Discontinued)
MaxxECU - Total Engine Control
MaxxECU package
MaxxECU package with all included accessories

Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R MaxxECU Plugin

MaxxECU Plugin kit for Nissan SKyline RE34 GT-R now in stock!
Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 RB26 MaxxECU Plugin
Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 RB26 MaxxECU Plugin

RaceRender now supports MaxxECu log files.

RaceRender 3.0.12 now supports MaxxECU log files.
Se link below for more information.


Free shipping during week 14

Free shipping on orders over 1000SEK

Welcome to order! Only inside Sweden.

New coating has been added to our chassi dyno in dynoroom 2 to improve traction issues with high powered RWD cars.
Ny beläggning på rullarna i bromsrum2 - Maxxtuning AB
Ny beläggning på rullarna i bromsrum2

The winners in competition for selebrating 500pcs MaxxECU

1st Prize: MaxxECU package including mapping (4h)
2nd Prize: MaxxECU package
3rd Prize: 50% discount on MaxxECU package
4rth Prize: Evans Power Cool coolant luquid

The winners are presented below...
Specialdesigned MaxxECu unit with NO:500 engraving
Specialdesigned MaxxECU unit with NO:500 engraving

Many people have asked us why our EGT sensors are expensive in comparison with sensors available on ebay . We ordered a sensor present here a comparison between the sensor we sell and an ebay sensor for about half the price.

500 manufactured MaxxECU devices!

Win Maxxtuning products

We thank you most humbly for your confidence in choosing MaxxECU and we could never dream of MaxxECU would become as popular as it has become and celebrate this by allowing your customers to compete for the following prizes:

1st Prize: MaxxECU package including mapping (4h)
2nd Prize: MaxxECU package
3rd Prize: 50% discount on MaxxECU package

ALL prizes must be claimed at us on Maxxtuning AB Vrigstad after the winners are designated
winners will be announced on our website and Facebook page a few days after the show!
The competition is now closed!

Connects to MaxxECU via CAN. Primarily intended to control large fuel pumps. By reducing the pump speed at low load we reduce power consumption, noise and wear on the pump. It also reduces the heating of the fuel.

MaxxECU PWM module kit
In stock
MaxxECU Modules
MaxxECU PWM module
MaxxECU PWM modul

MaxxECU handbook updated to 2014

MaxxECU manual slightly modified for 2014.
  • Cable sizing
  • Ignition Interference
  • Explanation on new error codes
  • Examples of different sensors that can be used
MaxxECU Handbook
Manual Update
Manual uppdatering

Nissan 200 S13 CA18DET MaxxECU

Plugin for Nissan CA18 ready and in stock!
  • Works with all interior. idle valve and tacho
  • Stock Air-flow meter can be replaced with MaxxECU internal MAP-sensor
  • No further electrical changes has to be done on car
MaxxECU - Total Engine Control, MaxxECU Plugin-ECU
Nissan 200 S13 CA18DET MaxxECU Plugin
Nissan 200 S13 CA18DET MaxxECU Plugin
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