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MaxxECU RACE unit with no accessories in box

Product description

MaxxECU RACE, based on our MaxxECU PRO and uses the same easy to use, yet powerful MTune software.

  • All 3-12 cylinder engines (4-stroke)
  • Up to 8 cylinders fully sequentially
  • Up to 12 cylinders in wasted spark
  • Lambda (WBO) sensor. Supports Bosch LSU 4.2, 4.9 and ADV direclty
  • 2 trigger inputs. VR or digital. Automatic trigger level detection
  • 2 extra temperature sensors
  • 2 knock sensor inputs
  • 6 extra 0-5V inputs
  • 4 extra digital inputs (VR / hall) or switches
  • 8 EGT TYPE-K/N inputs (1200C/2200F) in separate harness
  • 8 peak/hold injector outputs
  • 8 ignition outputs
  • 9 extra LOW DRIVING outputs for additional features
  • 2 extra +12V DRIVING outputs
  • 4 extra motor outputs

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MaxxECU RACE unit with no accessories in box
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MaxxECU RACE unit without accessories
1pcs MaxxECU RACE unit without...
MaxxECU box
1pcs MaxxECU box
MaxxECU RACE wiring diagram (printed)
1pcs MaxxECU RACE wiring diagram...
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