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Dynotesting 381WHP BMW 335 - Orginal ECU

Dynoresult BMW 335

Max wheelpower: 381whp
Max engine power: 444hk
Max wheel torque: 593Nm
Estimated max torque: 674Nm
Power/l: 148hk
Engine: Not specified
Engine volume: 3000cc
Supercharger: Not specified
Engine control: Orginal ECU
Fuel: Bensin 95/98
Owner: Daniel
Presented wheel horse power (whp) can not be comparable with hub horse power (hhp) or braked horse power (bhp). Losses specified is ~80% traction losses between tire and roll, the rest is drivetrain friction losses.
Whp is the actual power that really moves the vehicle!

Powercurve BMW 335

Powercurve BMW 335
Dynotesting BMW 335 - Orginal ECU